Friday, October 1, 2010

Mars Scenarios

A Mac Donald's Happy Meal Martian war machine, with a Pegasus Hobbies Apollo 27 Rocket Ship. Those will come in handy when the Earth forces make the counter attack from Earth to Mars.
I have a whole roster of scenarios planned for these guys. The Happy Meal War Machine will become the VSF version of a war machine. I will fight them with my Plains Wars US Army, my Colonial Wars British, and my Airfix WWI Americans, since with the Montana Peak hat they wear they will work for pre-WWI American troops.
Later, I plan on using the Pegasus Martian War Machine in 1/48th scale from the George Pal movie and have the Happy Meal machines as their support vehicles. Perhaps smaller walking war machines that don't get a force field. In the 1954 movie the force field was total protection, but I think for wargaming it should provide only limited protection in order to make it more of a game. Perhaps a 50% hit modifier to simulate significant protection for the Martians.
Then the 1950s US Army troops can defeat the Martians and take the war to Mars. Use the Pegasus Apollo 27 to bring troops to Mars. A Sci Fi Mars with a limited atmosphere. Not unlike Robinson Crusoe on Mars where people can go for hours without any need for supplemental oxygen. That way I can use Imex Korean War 1/72nd scale plastic US Army and South Korean Infantry sets.

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