Friday, October 29, 2010

Painting the Ram

My US Navy ram has been painted. I primed it white, almost light gray. I painted the deck and railings using this stain from a model railroad shop.

I used the Model Master paints for various bits. The brass for the guns, the black metallic for the anchor and the red for some parts of the life rings.

Blue was used for the eagle insignia. The copper was put on the searchlight. The gun metal on some of the guns, naturally. The smoke was painted on the smokestack. The clear was for the railings, to make the wood look varnished.

Gold for the crest, green for the leaf on the crest, brown for the life rings and silver for the arrow points on the rest. The steel is on the davits.

I did a black wash on the vents and other hull bits as well as some of the smoke stack. I also covered most the the "steel" parts with the Rustall rust. I printed a flag I got off the Internet and put it on a couple flagpoles. Painted pics soon.

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