Saturday, October 2, 2010

Figures Want List

Once in a while I like to publish my "Want List" of 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures. Redbox tried to do the cops and robbers on my list, but I am not satisfied with their efforts, but they would be a good starting point for anyone else doing them.

This is my present list. Please add your comments to suggest future figures you would like to see.

Cold War/ Cuban Missile Crisis 1963
US Army Infantry

M-14 rifles, M-1919A6 light machine gun

World War Two

US Navy UDT Frogmen Divers
Swimming trunks, with flippers, mask, snorkel, demolition charges, knife, small assault team with Thompson submachine guns, Colt .45 and M1 Carbines, Hard hat divers with hammer, wrench, knife, cutting torch

US Navy Landing Party For Raiding and Amphibious Landing Control
Helmets, and Sailor hats, Thompson submachine guns, Colt .45, Springfield rifles, demolitions charges, signal flags, ship to shore radio, Aldis lamp, Officers with maps and binoculars.

American Infantry Philippines Bataan 1941/42
British style helmets, M1 and Springfield rifles, BAR, Browning water-cooled machine gun, Colt .45 pistol and revolver, Lewis guns, grenades.
26th Cavalry Philippine Scouts 1941/42
Campaign hats, Colt .45 pistols, M1 Garands mounted and dis-mounted

Russian Panje ponies and wagons
Heavy and light baggage wagons for use by Russian and German troops

Hungarian Infantry

Dutch Infantry, European and Far East, Pacific

Interwar Adventures
Spies, secret police, espionage people
Fedora hats, trench coats, cameras, pistols, submachine guns, male and female, German, British, American, and Soviet

Oilfield and Construction Workers
Hard hats, jump suits, shovels, picks, axes, transits and surveyors, big hammers and wrenches and jackhammers and toolboxes, wheelbarrows.
Scientists and Archaeologists and Paleontologists and Hunters
Pith helmets, fedora hats, bare headed, male and female, kneeling with brushes, dental picks, working with test tubes and chemical glasses, microscopes, cameras, guns.

1920’s American Roaring 20’s Gangsters, Police & Citizens
Police with revolvers, Thompson submachine guns, shotguns, Browning Automatic Rifles, Colt .45 pistol, Gangsters with Thompsons, sawed off shotguns, various handguns, male and female and citizens with double barrel shotguns, and walking, running.

First World War

US Army Cavalry 1918
British style helmet with Springfield rifles, .45 pistols, .45 revolvers, and sabers.
US Army Heavy Artillery 1918
British style helmet with Schneider 155 mm French howitzer,
Do the same gun with a WWII era US Army crew with rubber tires for WWII

American Civil War
US Navy Sailors Naval Landing Party


Cro-Magnon man
Male and female and children, with throwing spears, clubs, knives, bows and arrows

Neanderthal man
Male and female and children, with spears, clubs, knives
Prehistoric Mammals
Saber tooth tiger, giant sloth, giant birds, mammoth, bison latifrans


ModernKiwi said...

Nice list Mike, I'd be keen on at least half of those too.

I'm still waiting for someone, anyone to do some sets for the Arab-Israeli wars of the 1960's and 70's. Haron from Orion did say that his Israeli's were very nearly ready recently, but his are more for the 1980's and 90's, so that still leaves the gap.

I'd also like to see some modern era Aussie's/Kiwi's as seen in Timor, Iraq and A'stan. And if Caesar would please hurry up with their modern Brit's, that'd be fine by me too.

Bunkermeister said...

For some unknown reason Caesar have really put the Modern Brits on the back burner. The Orion Israelis have been almost ready for a long time now. As long as we have had to wait for them they better be his best set ever! I don't really do Modern Brits or Israelisl, but might get one set of each.
I would think that figures for the ongoing War on Terror would sell okay, they make the terrorists and US Army sets, I would think Brits, French, Aussies and Germans would be logical. Maybe combined sets like they have done for some nations.

Karcuss said...

I've cut and pasted the list into a document called "Bunkers wanted list"
So will add my notes, and others

see what comes up

But more like oil workers Surveyors
Adventures for that pulp idea if
they were to do in Plastic would probably really think about not doing it in 28mm.

As it is about gaming as many eras as possible with a bank of resources ie AFVs and scenary and ships etc

Not that you would understand Bunker.....

Ha Ha (X double)

cheers Karcuss

Thanks for the UFO serial conclusion

Bunkermeister said...

Hope you liked the UFO story!

Uwe said...

Hi Mike,

Leo converted some very nice cavemen and animals which he sent to Andy Peters for casting in metal. The figures are both available in REsin and Metal now.

Just in case you like metal beside plastic as I do.


Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Uwe, Leos stuff is great. I will have to get some of those prehistorics in metal soon!

Bob G. said...

I agree...great wish list!

And some USAAF or Marine support personnel from the humid and hot south pacific would be nice as well.
Toss in some seabees too.

Bunkermeister said...

Hi Bob, so you want large burly men with no shirts on?