Wednesday, November 29, 2023

HaT Set 8293 British Infantry (Tropical)

These are First World War British Infantry in the tropical uniform by HaT.
They are all wearing the Wolseley helmet and short pants.
In the first half of the 20th Century US forces in the Philippines wore this helmet.
Normally this set comes in tan plastic but apparently it is now molded in green.
There was no flash and all the troops were molded perfectly.
It is likely that at least a few of these will become US troops in the Philippines and some may also end up as civilian big game hunters or adventurers.
These are WWI troops but I think they would work well enough for British troops as late as he mid 1950s in tropical regions.


Simon said...

You might get away with late 1930’s but certainly not the 50’s for British troops. The US did not wear the superb 1908 webbing equipment. They had the 1910 equipment with the strange backpack arrangement.

jeigheff said...

Those are sharp-looking figures.

Several years ago, a friend of mine used 1/72 WWI soft plastic figures to replace the infantry pieces in the board game "Axis & Allies 1914." He did a good job of painting them and his game was very attractive. He would have appreciated these British figures had they been available when he was working on his project.

The only problem is, "Axis & Allies 1914" is cumbersome and takes a long time to play. (I also think it favors the Allies.) I don't think we ever completely finished a single game.

Legion4 said...

Very nice-looking figures ! Good to see they are making figures of all types and wars ...

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

The US did use a variety of gear in WWI, including British and French if they were assigned to British or French divisions. As for using this gear for the 1950s, perhaps former colonial nations were issuing it to their troops? Having been in the US Army Reserve I know that the long end of a supply line you can often end up with very old and odd equipment that was not supposed to be in use anymore. Thanks for your comment Simon and thanks for reading.

I have used boardgame figures from Eagle Games in miniature games, so it seems right to return the favor Jeigheff.

Yes, Legion4, HaT makes a lot of WWI stuff that can be very useful.