Thursday, November 30, 2023

Max Steel and Primer

Hot Wheels Max Steel Turbo Racer.
I am using these as reconnaissance vehicles for my Starship Troopers.
Since the movies did not do power armor, and did not give the Troopers any ground vehicles I think they made a grievous tactical error when fighting the bugs.
So I have slowly been gathering science fiction style vehicles to fix that problem.
As an aside when spray painting I keep a small piece of paper towel handy.  I use the cheapest paper towels I can find that have the perforations for a 1/4 sheet of paper towel.
I use the paper towel to wipe off the nozzle as I am spraying.
I take the Hot Wheels apart so I don't spray paint the "glass" parts.  The base on the end is actually broken the plastic was a bit brittle.
Here is some paint build up on the nozzle.
Deploy the paper towel!
Crisis resolved, nozzle clean again.  It helps prevent build up that can block the nozzle or interfere with the spray cone.
All primered on this side anyway.

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