Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Let's Put On A Show

Lights, camera, action!
LOD Enterprises makes these 60mm movie studio figures.
They are resin and cost $25 direct from LOD.
You get a nice little selection of figures in the set.
I got two sets they were so good.
You get one camera, and one cameraman.
Two big studio lights, a man with his hands on his hops who can be used as your lighting technician. 
A standing pointing man, who is the direct, and a woman sitting is a stool, perhaps the script girl or continuity girl.  With two sets, I have one of each.  Some minor trimming around the attachment point for the lights to the stand.  I may glue them to a larger base for better play value, but in a static display they would be fine.  These are perfect for Carl Denham and a King Kong adventure.
Here they are filming a Korean War movie, or a giant bug movie, or a giant bugs appear during the Korean War movie.  Not sure yet.

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