Sunday, November 5, 2023

Vans Without Tennis Shoes

This has been van month for me and Hot Wheels.
Over the last month or so I have picked up a lot of vans.
This is simply 70's van.
It a big boxy vehicle.  Probably because it's a van.
I think it would make a great vehicle for the Batman Villain the Puzzler.
All the little letters and numbers all over it like some kind of crossword puzzle.
So I am pretty sure that's where one of these will end up.
There have also been Toyota vans.
That front bumper is massive!
All together a pretty nice fleet of vans.  The blue and the white ones will likely end up as racing team vans.  And a few of them will probably get repainted for Police use.  The Toyota ones will simply end up as Godzilla fodder in Tokyo.  And the big one a Puzzler mobile.

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