Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Hot Wheels surf car.  Note the small surfer and his board flying through the air under the wave just behind the rear tire.

This is part of my surf theme of vehicles.

My main focus is the US Army since the first muster if English speaking militia in the New World at the Massachusetts Bay Colony in December of 1637 and their enemies up to the near future.  I also at a retro future, alternate future, spies, superheros, auto and horse racing and science fiction and a few other things.

This is a neat little car, not much for hill climbing.  But likely fast on a straight away.

Each of these sub-generas allow my US Army troops to be used in more and different games.  In Batman 66 universe, which is a movie, TV series, and a couple animated features the US Army does make several appearances, including the Haunted Tank.
So by adding these inexpensive and easy to do other groups I get more play value out of my army.  The Surf Group is less tan a dozen Hot Wheels cars and about two dozen bits of terrain from the dollar store.  So less than a $100 investment amortized over a period of about 5 years.

Adding a Hot Wheels car to the collection is about the easiest thing to do, Buy it, take it home, remove it from the package and put in on the wargame table.

In addition to that, the cars are way cool, daddy-o.

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