Friday, April 20, 2018

Ring Hands and Marx

Another ring hand figure, this is a useful pose, because he can be doing almost anything.

The hole in the base was designed to fit over pegs on many MPC toys.  He could be snapped onto the peg on the deck of a ship and then cruise around the backyard without falling off.  I did not use that feature much.

I liked the backpack with the bayonet on the side.

 One use for these figures is as crews for Marx accessories.

Four men make up a good mortar crew and they don't need many accessories.

Here they are serving the Marx mortar.

Don't forget the box of mortar bombs.


Bob G. said...

In my opinion, the BEST static poses were from MARX, but the MPC rang-hands had all the changeable gear...hard to choose a REAL favorite from either group.

There were a few I liked from BOTH.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Lots of old friends in the group.
Thanks for reading G.