Friday, April 13, 2018

Army Men Which One Is Not Like the Other One?

Two identical 60mm riflemen.  Or are they?  Look at the one on the left, straight up and down posture, shirt unbuttoned, bolt action rifle, leggings smooth helmet.  One on the right is leaning forward, has an M1 rifle, boots no leggings, shirt buttoned up, cross hatching on his helmet.

Add the Tim Mee soldier, very different, kneeling position not sitting.

Compare to the bazooka man.  Almost identical from the waist down.

Compare him to the standing bazooka man from another company, and his upper body is essentiall the same as the Tim Mee.

Even the bipod is just a line on the bottom of the bazooka.

Compare him to the Tim Mee standing rifleman, bazooka man is leaning back, rifleman is leaning forward.

Rifleman has his weight on the left leg, bazooka man is centered.

Compare the center rifleman to the rifleman on the left.  The one in the center has a smooth helmet and his rifle is pointing very slightly down.  The one on the left is pointing very slightly up, and has no base, and has cross hatching on the helmet.

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