Monday, April 16, 2018


Tim Mee had this great little vignette as part of their troops.  A stretcher, a patient, two litter bearers, and a nurse with lantern.

The set also included a dog with a pack with two side pouches with crosses on them, a stand and a flag for the stand.  The flag was a red cross flag.  Not pictured as I forgot to bring the dog.

The nurse and stretcher bearers have red cross markings on their helmets and armbands.

This is the only female figure I had in my armies for decades.

Marx had a similar set up, but the woman is holding a plasma bottle.


shotgun6 said...

Damn. I had that exact same set when I was 8 years old; never even realized the soldier holding the lantern was a female (I was really young....)!!

Mike Creek said...

I don't think I was ever THAT young.