Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ring Hand

I used to play wargames as kids and we would always select a figure to represent ourselves and another one to represent our buddy.

I always picked these two.  With ring hand figures you could not change position, like GI Joe, but you could swap out the gear.

So my miniature alter ego could done a helmet and binoculars and pick up an M1 rifle to replace the carbine.

It gave the 60mm hero the chance to engage in more pretend activities.

A common problem with the helmets is they sometime split open.

The figures often came in slightly different colors, so you could have two of the same pose, but tell them apart.

Three troops in battle gear.


Bob G. said...

The MPC accessories were great, but those included in the old MARX Battleground set could also work *(a tad on the large size for the BAR and M1.
MY main gripe was the belts and helmets had a tendency to crack and break (like your on helmet).

Otherwise, they were THE best of the lot in those days (and still are).

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Spot on G, I wish those Marx accessories would be recast.