Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Metallic Blue Troops

Radio man, note the pistol holster on his hip.  I use him as an officer.  Like the others he is 60mm.

He also carries binoculars, note the wire from the handset to the radio on his back.  The pockets have buttons, the boots have laces, great detail.

Hand to hand combat soldier.  Note the rifle finally has a magazine.

I have a lot of these guys in three different shades of green, and a few of them in medium blue and just a squads worth in metallic blue.  Because these troops are so thin compared to the Tim Mee soldiers, I consider them to be more physically fit.  Therefore the green ones serve as US Army Airborne; paratroopers.  I need to pick up a few more metallic blue and medium blue ones.  I use the medium blue for US Navy, for repelling borders, as landing parties and as SeaBees.  The metallic ones I use as part of may fictional Naval space program.

Finally, I have one prone machine gunner.  Note the magazine, again reinforcing my belief that these troops have the M14.  The M14 had a squad automatic weapon version that came with a bipod and was designed to be fired from the prone.  It also had a fold up plate on the butt to help control the weapon in full automatic fire.

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