Monday, April 23, 2018

MPC Troops

MPC US troops in metallic blue.  This is my favorite color, metallic blue, just like this guy.  I only have a few of these troops and I don't have all the poses in this color.  His rifle seems to be an M14 based on the ridges on the top of the rifle.  However, he has no magazine in the rifle.

Another MPC soldier with rifle, again no magazine.  Maybe they could not figure out if they wanted M14s or M1, or a mixture of both.  Note the pineapple grenade on his chest.

Kneeling firing a rifle.  No base on this pose and it's too bad because it does not stand up really well.  They have a similar pose with a bazooka.  That guy has a bazooka rocket molding along is leg so that it helps him to stand up.

Walking at sling arms.  A useful, if unexciting pose.  Good for guard duty, patrolling, marching in parades, or even as a crew served weapons man.

Note the two similar but not identical poses.  One on the left has no hole in the base, the base is smaller, and has no cross hatching on his helmet.  He is also a little hunched over but is that because he is tired, or he was removed too quickly from the mold?

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