Sunday, April 1, 2018

Photo Tips

One of the best things about plastic army men is that they are very versatile. 

I took a hundred or more Tim Mee WWII era American Army troops and used them for a science fiction game.

The generic Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team works well as good guys or bad guys.  They are not tied to a specific franchise so they can be anything.  At about 54mm size they are a bit small for the 60mm Tim Mee troops, but how large is a space alien?

I like to take my troops outside.  If I am careful the chance of losing any is very low.  I do try to put them in a limited space, so it is easy to find them, even if the vegetation is heavy.

With a digital camera I can take all the photos I want and not have to worry about film or developing. I take photos from high, low, close up and far away.  Use the zoom to get in close to troops that are a little too far for the macro lens.  I also crop my photos and delete a few that turn out poorly.  Cropping the photo allows the reader to focus on the most important subjects.

I went to a nearby park.  I like to go during the week when there are not many people there.  I have taken photos at many tourist places, indoors and outdoors and never had a problem.  Indoors I usually ask permission and so far have never been denied.  The last time they even made a few suggestions!

I don't move anything around, other then trash or leaves.  I don't dig holes or otherwise disturb the location.  Most people just ignore me, I have had a few comment and they were always positive.


wayne daly said...

As a kid I had a bag of space aliens figures, they were silver and gold and had multicolored weapons you could fit in their hands, one looked like the Wolfman, any idea what they were?

Mike Creek said...

Hi Wayne Daly, look up Marx Operation Moonbase.


shintokamikaze said...

That's not them, I have been looking online for years but can't find anything about them, guess I will never know lol

Mike Creek said...

Don't despair, I have my operatives out checking we may yet get you an answer.