Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Taking Good Photos

Hold the camera close to the ground.  Use the zoom to get in close.  Hold the camera still, even after the click for about one second.

Check the shade, the background, the shadows before you start your photo session.  

Once you get home and download the pictures, crop them to show only the good parts.  Take lots of photos, far more than you intend to use.  It's easy to delete unnecessary photos.  I use about 75% of what I take.

Watch the background.  Sometimes you want it interesting, and sometimes you want only to focus on the figures.

Give the auto focus time to work before you take the picture.  Going too fast can lead to out of focus photos.  Don't be afraid to go outside and take pictures.  The lighting is good and there are plenty of places to take photos.


Bob G. said...

Excellent advice.
(and much of it also works with our community cats, various birds, and my models)

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you G.