Thursday, March 22, 2018

Moon Lander

These are the engines for the Pegasus Moonlander spacecraft.  It's listed as being 1/350th scale, but I think it may be a little larger. I intend to use it for 1/72nd scale because how large is a proposed, but never built space craft anyway?

There are many small parts, but they are flash free and fit perfectly.  Just follow the instructions carefully and they go together with no problem.  Most are designed to be put together only one way, so it makes them more error proof.

The parts are packaged very carefully, the box is extra sturdy, and some of the delicate bits are even packed in foam.  I did not have any warped or broken parts.  Using my Tamiya sprue cutter I got them all off the sprue without any trouble.

The instructions are very good, but mostly pictures.  Pay close attention to subtle differences in the pictures.  Some parts look similar, but they are drawn precisely on the instructions.  Make certain you are using the right part in the right place.

The completed space craft.  This is the manned version.  There is also a supply carrier version that is slightly different.  They planned to build many of these and build a gigantic Moon base.  Too bad we did not.


Pete. said...

Makes up into an impressive kit- thanks for posting.



Mike Creek said...

Thanks Pete. It is a great kit, just build it step by step and it goes together well.