Monday, March 26, 2018

Tim Mee Troops

Dumont Hill is near my apartment, it is a Civil War campsite of the Union Army.

Tim Mee 60mm figures, and a few MPC ring hand figures.  These figures are at least 30 years old.

The Tim Mee 60mm figures don't include a mortar so I use the Tim Mee 54mm Vietnam era troops with, ironically, the 60mm mortar as support for them.  I also use the figure with the Stoner 63 machine gun as well.  Tim Mee XM-808 Twister armored car for reconnaissance and support.

 Troops guarding the rear.

Field headquarters with the MPC figures as commanders.  Also a field aid station with Tim Mee medics and nurse.

Troops lined up for an ambush.

Machine guns sighted along the bend to fire the greatest possible distance down the riverbed.

Bazookas at the ready for any anti-armor needs.

HQ, aid station, and mortar teams.

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