Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pegasus Russian Mortar Set

This is a stack of sprue from the Pegasus WWII Russian Mortar set.  You get two 82mm mortars and four 120mm mortars and crews and extra ammo boxes.

This is twenty sets.  I have been buying them for a few years and now it's time to cut them off the sprue and glue the troops and mortars together.  I am cutting the mortars off first and putting the parts in a box.  Then comes the troops, I am doing them one pose at a time, cut it off, glue it together and then the same pose on the next sprue.  That way I become an expert on each pose and I get faster and better as I go along.  This is a rather hard soft plastic but it takes glue very well.  I am using Model Master Model Cement.  Works great!

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