Friday, March 16, 2018

BMC Lido Baseless Claims

Not unlike the MPC ring hand figures, these baseless troops elicit a love them or hate them response.

And like MPC ring hand figures, I love them!

The usual complaint is that they don't have a base so they don't stand up.

These photos were taken outside on a ratty old park bench table and there was a light breeze.  They seem to be doing okay, I did not have any fall over. Still, I recognize these are not as stable as regular Army Men.  But they are not bad.  These are part of a long history of pod foot figures, started back in the 1930's when Army Men bases were trimmed down to the absolute minimum to save metal and therefore, save money.

These are Army Men.  They are not intended to be played with on the carpet, they are intended to be played with outside.  In the grass, in the dirt, in the sand, where the lack of a base is irrelevant.  Just press them down a bit and they stand up just fine.  Of course, if you really can't stand them being without a base, then simple glue them onto a wooden biscuit.  They are sold everywhere hardware is sold. Just take them out of the box and use a little rubber cement and you are done!

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