Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cavalry Charge

These locally raise territorial troops don't have the latest weapons.

Still they charge the Martian invaders head on, without hesitation.

They don't have the newest equipment, but they are brave.

And that bravery gives the artillery time to set up.

And their distraction of the Martians allows the artillery to fire at the Martians before the Martians realize the danger!  Welcome to my readers from Ireland!


Gary Panter said...

Pretty cool I see Eagle games cavalry and horses and also Imex and I think some Gulliver horses. I couldn't really identify the artillery picture was Fuzzy and my eyes are too bad.

Mike Creek said...

I Gary, thanks for reading and commenting. Comments sometimes take a while to appear so give it a day to avoid a double post.
You correctly identified the horses. The figures are also a strange mixture. Since I moved I use what I can find and these guys were an unknown mix of figures. Gray horses were mostly Eagle Games and probably Gulliver.
Not sure why the photos were fuzzy that day, I think I was just having auto focus problems with it focusing on the wall rather than the figures. I seem to have resolved that issue.