Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harry Potter and the Desert Africa Corps

This device I got at least 10 years ago, maybe more.  I always intended it to be used for Nazi Super Science and now with this Red Skull project seemed like the perfect time.

Another Preiser figure painted up in a manner similar to Red Skull.  While I don't usually paint figures, I wanted these to be unified in some way and I wanted a comic book look to the figures.  I did not think I could get that effect without painting them.

The Red Skull appears in many different uniforms, but I found this one to be both distinctive and still had a very WWII era look to it.  Back in the 1960's a lot of companies made plastic figures in metallic blue, so I liked that look too.

The low table is a sheet of styrene with a small strip of styrene at each end to hold it up off the floor a bit.  Making furniture and super science things is pretty easy if you try to be creative.  A few commercially available items really help set off the whole scientific scene.

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