Saturday, March 29, 2014


Eastern Friendly Indians by Imex.

Ancient Germans by Caesar Miniatures.

Toobs Prehistoric Life, animals and fire.

Pegasus California Mission figures and accessories.

Safari Ltd trees.


Tsold9000 said...

The palm tree that came with the Toob tree assortment looks a bit prehistoric.... you should add that .

Mike Creek said...

Excellent point Tsold. I have a few of them, but did not drag them out for this photo shoot.

Sean said...

Just catching up on the blog and had to comment on the brilliance of this. I now have to get the Eastern Indians and Germans. I wonder what sets you could use for more of a Pulp or colonial feel for the Adventurers, instead of WW2 stuff.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sean. HaT makes a number of British Colonial figures and are about to release more, Germans. Americans looked very much like British Colonial for a number of years in the last 1800's.