Thursday, March 6, 2014

Harry Potter and the Drang nach Osten

I gathered bits from everywhere to make these furnishings.  The test tubes are from the dungeon of this model, moved upstairs.  The big table is a resin piece, the round table a model RR accessory, the chair is Polly Pocket from some other playset my daughter had, the science pieces are mostly from some soft metal set I got probably 20 years ago.

The bookcase is a resin piece and the carpet is printed onto a self sticking label and stuck into place.

The 20mm gun was originally on a Roco SWS halftrack, and cut out of a quad gun.  The old Roco used to give you a choice of a quad 20mm or a single 37mm aa gun.  The 37mm was more widely used on the SWS chassis.

I cut out two of these guns and mounted them on a bit of plastic coated wire from Plastruct.

The flagpole is a dollar store bit with the old plastic flag cut away. 

The flagpole can be removed and left off, or the flag itself can be removed and changed with another type of flag for added versatility.

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