Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Harry Potter and the Führerprinzip

The full set with all the upper doors open.

These types of buildings are great for role playing games.

The TV team is from Subetto, a company that made a soccer game years ago.  Their figures were 1/72nd scale and the TV crew works fine for the WWII era.  I kept the chalk boards in several rooms as TV screens; I did gloss coat them to look like glass. 

By using the DAF, checkerboard floors and 1936 Olympics posters I tried to draw the rooms together into one unit.  By giving the figures uniforms and the same checkerboard pattern for their bases, I wanted to tie them to the castle too.

The original building came with this trophy rack and I figured for someone who liked sports and who became a Super Soldier, he would probably have won a few trophies so I left them in place.  Sports were very popular in Germany in the 1930's and early 1940's.


Sam Wise said...

You've done a really good work with the Playset and the figures !
I'm impressed !

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sam Wise. Tell all your friends. Make some new ones and tell them,too. It was a very time consuming project but the cost was less than $10 for new stuff, most of the materials and figures I had on hand already. I suspect someone doing this project from scratch could probably do a good job for less that $100 USD.