Friday, February 28, 2014

Harry Potter and the Beer Hall Putsch

Red Skull operates the controls to the Electronic Logistics Machine.

The assistant operator in the other dungeon watches the process lights to monitor the transfer take place.  The green screen was part of the original as a chalk board.  I kept it and have re-purposed them as television screens.

More of the controls for the Electronic Logistics Machine.

As is in keeping with the lair of an evil Super Villain there are torches on many of the walls.

The little electronic device in the lower left corner is a stack of punch outs from a paper punch on a sheet of plastic, and spaced by bits of sprue all painted up in bronze.

The green and purple domes are baby pacifiers from a wedding gifts baby shower shop.  I just cut off the rings on the bottom.


Sam Wise said...

I like the machines ! they were in the original castle ?
another excellent idea for the green and orange lights !
(and when Sam Wise say "it's a good idea ....etc..... " => that made me laugh !)

Mike Creek said...

I Sam, no I gutted the original and almost nothing of the interior remains apart from the walls and the chalk boards. All the little machines and devices were from my own collection. I did not buy anything new for this project, but many of these items were either in the spares box or have been waiting decades for a German secret laboratory. Thanks for reading.