Monday, March 31, 2014

Roco Stug III

After 30 years of warfare, some of my Stug III collection are in need of some work.

I have a shortage of long barrels, the machine gun shields are missing on many of them.

Many are missing hatches.

Some don't have a machine gun in the shield hole.  Several of them are missing the spare road wheel in the back of the hull.

A few of them are just broken.  I cast up a few shields and hatches and have started repairs.


Herman van Kradenburg said...

Meanwhile, in a parallel world down under, I happen to be going through a similar repair cycle with my 30-year old Pz IVs and Tigers. I recently built the Plastic soldier company Stug IIS. What is good about them is that they come with 2 sets of barrels, the Saukopf and standard square mantlet. Whether they'd fit on the Roco tanks would be a question though. Are they not a bit smaller than 1/72? I blogged about the Stug last year:

Mike Creek said...

A very good article that was too. I am also doing some repairs on my Tiger I since they use the same hatch on the Roco.