Sunday, March 2, 2014

Harry Potter and the Great Patriotic War

This room, like all the others was stripped bare and repainted.  I added the floor tiles and the desk and poster.  I figured that since Red Skull is a "Super Soldier" he may have competed in the Nazi Olympics or at least was a sports fan, so I got a small Berlin Olympics pin photo and made it into a poster.  Then I used the Scotch Restickable Glue to post it on the wall.   The figure is from one of those Chinese companies that offers 100 figures for some amount.  Note the base of the figure matches the floor tiles.  Television screen was a chalk board that I kept.  Green is the original color, but I added two coats of clear gloss to make it look like glass.  Figure has the same Red Skull uniform colors.

Another upper room, this is the one with the spinning door, part two of the Electronic Logistics Machine.  Note the torch on the wall and the fire in the fireplace and the tile floor.  The large exterior flag and the banner are both from the DAF, Deutsche Arbeitsfront, German Workers Front.  Their flag had a gear shape around the white circle to represent workers.  Since this is a secret weapons development factory I decided it had to be a DAF facility.

The secret door in the open position.  The figure is painted the usual uniform.  I got a piece of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, took a photo graph of it and then loaded the photo onto the computer and printed it onto clear sticky back label paper.   I then cut it out and stuck it to the floor.  It made an easy and quick way to create a tile floor.

At least 20 years ago, Matchbox made a SdKfz 11 with PaK 75 anti-tank gun kit in 1/76th scale and it came with a destroyed German government building. Originally the building had this eagle over the door.  I got a bunch of them at the time and kept the eagles, since more than one of those buildings on the wargame table was superfluous.   The poster was printed out and stuck on the wall like the others.  It's one of the many "the enemy is listening" type posters used by everyone in WWII.  The table of science stuff is so old I have no idea where I got it, but it's been waiting unpainted and unassembled for many years. The figure is Preiser, I think he's a Luftwaffe pilot figure.  I added the door to the model.

The door leads to one of the balconies.  I tried to put some special period piece in every room.  The upper rooms were generally blue, the middle rooms green and the lower rooms brown and gray for the basement.  Sort of a sky, plants, earth and underground color concept.

This small alcove actually is moveable.  The wall with the eagle will actually pop up and take the seating area up a level to the 20mm AA guns.  I think these guys are also Preiser Luftwaffe men.

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