Monday, March 3, 2014

Harry Potter and the King Tiger

Countries all over the world used posters in WWII to communicate patriotic messages to their workers.

The upper level is blue like the sky.

The middle level is green like the forest.

The Germans were pioneers in the use of television.  They used both broadcast and cable television.  Television was controlled by the Post Office.

There are several balconies, this is the only one without a door.  

The containers on this tabletop are from one of the dungeon levels, they were mounted high up on the wall, which seemed rather pointless to me.

This metal science thing had an interesting almost swastika on the face.


Phil said...

Lovely work, very inspired...

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Phil, it was one of those projects I figured would take a few days and ended up taking 6 weeks to finish. I just kept finding more and more things I could do with it.