Monday, March 10, 2014

Harry Potter and the Red Skull

With the front walls open and the wall panel folded down, there is the ability to see through the building.

Red Skull figure is a conversion, but Baron Zemo is a Battle Dice figure, right out of the box.

The camera team and others are a mixture of Preiser and Subetto.  Cars are Wiking.

The rocket is a toy purchased used and repainted.

Once I finished this project, I found this comic book cover.  Master Man is a minion of Red Skull.  Note the castle in the back and compare it to the first photo I posted, show again below.

It's a brown castle, with a green roof, including cone shaped round turrets, on the top of a grey rock hill!


Sam Wise said...

Excellent Maestro !
I've read all the posts that I've missed in the past days !
I like this work !
the Comic's style is perfect and the transformation of the castle is awesome !

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sam.