Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cave Men

Primitive man in a temporary encampment.

A man playing a drum.

A roaring fire.

Predators lurking in the shadows.

Large but docile plant eaters.

Exotic plants.


Sam Wise said...

hey ! looks fine !
but the Indians are not cavemen !! lol

An excellent idea to use this good IMEX set for this use!

You're really very imaginative, many inspiration for me in all your work!
thanks !

Mike Creek said...

I use Cavemen in the old sense of Neolithic people, who use little or no metal, and lived at a time when animals, now extinct, still existed as common creatures.
I still say Brontosaurus too.

Tsold9000 said...

I think the indian with the animal skin for hunting pose is is a great fig!.....Where are the Martians?

Mike Creek said...

You know me so well.