Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BR Colonial

One of the ways to build up your African wildlife is to visit dollar stores, even the supermarket to buy toy animals. When a metal giraffe can cost $20 or more each, a bag of cheapo animals can cost a buck. So you get only one useful animal, for the cost of one giraffe you can get a herd of giraffes.

Large parts of Africa were under the dominion of the British and the British Army often went on expeditions to punish tribes, or protect explorers.

More of the various HaT British Colonial forces. Their Indian Army and some of the Egyptian and British Camel troops.

Hunters, "Jane" and drummers from the Airfix / HaT Tarzan figures. The local tribes often assisted the British army with guides and porters.

The square of Eagle Games, and HaT figures. Click to enlarge the photo. There is only one box of each of these sets so only a few sets can provide a pretty good little army.

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