Sunday, July 26, 2009

WWI & WWII French News

I visited with Larry Pegasus today. He showed me three sprues from his WWI and WWII French 1/72nd scale plastic figures. The sprues were tests of these sets, one half of the sprue was WWI and the other half was WWII. They will be separated and sold as two separate sets.

The test shots were white plastic figures with clear plastic arms and weapons. These are in the typical Pegasus style with many separate arms and weapons. This makes for highly detailed figures and many different options. Test shots are done using any plastic, so they often come out in odd colors, or even no color, like the clear parts.

Larry explained the differences between the two sets, the differences in pouches, and gas masks and weapons. The set had a lot of flash and mold flaws so there is still a lot of work to do on them. Pegasus is very careful not to send a set to production until these very common problems are worked out. The WWII French will make a nice complement to the WWII French from Caesar. I know I will be getting a few of both sets.

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