Friday, July 17, 2009

HO Guns

These HO scale WWII German artillery models are mostly resin kits. They are free of any of the flaws found in many kinds of resin kits because they use a vacuum chamber to suck out the air that often leaves bubbles in the model.

The gun barrels are aluminum, and are very well made. They even are a bit hollow at the muzzle end which makes them much nicer that most plastic guns.

The instructions for both models are the same, only the gun barrels are different. They can be built either in the firing or towing modes.

Revell is also doing this gun now in 1/72nd scale, this HO version is very large, I am sure the Revell one will be huge.

This HO scale wheel is compared here to a 1/72nd scale soldier, so in HO scale he would be about seven feet tall. It is a big wheel.

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