Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hang 'Em

I took an Imex tree and a bit of string and tied the Pegasus steer body to the tree by one rear leg. The string is saturated in superglue to firm it up.

Using a bit of sheet styrene, I glued the stump and tree down using Model Master liquid glue. With the steer body the tree was very easy to knock over. The stump seemed a reasonable accessory for a field butcher shop.

I painted each of the "wooden" parts with a dark paint, overall. Then I used a medium paint and finally a light brown dry brush on all the wood. Axe head, steel, and the axe handle German gray. I also painted the rope deck tan. The steer carcass was painted a nice gloss red, followed by a flesh color over all to simulate the fat that would be under the skin. I then painted in interior of the cut with a clear gloss red for more depth.

The whole model had been primed with a light gray spray primer. The ground was painted with Woodland Scenics Earth Color, two coats. Next I sprinkled a bit of Woodland Scenics Blended Turf flocking. It matches my table top pretty well, so I use it frequently on terrain.

Once the paint had dried, I dropped Scenic Cement on the flocking to hold it in place. This makes a sturdy ground cover. I left a bit of the ground showing to depict the wear of walking on it by the soldier butcher.

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