Monday, July 13, 2009

Victory in Machine War

The HK got off one more shot before it too was hit, by a boy firing a missile launcher and an automatic cannon.

The HK reeled back as if it was a man punched in the face.

The Hunter Killer itself got killed and it flipped over on it's back and died.

The first HK finally was able to turn away and limp back to it's base.

Four bodies recovered out of the six dead. Seven wounded, all would survive. Eighteen left alive after defending their homes.

The commander praises his people for the battle they won today. They won the battle, but they no longer have enough manpower or ammo or weapons to hold out again. In two days they will withdraw to a new set of ruins, the next town down the highway. In three days the Hunter Killers will be back to take over in peace what they could not get in war.

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