Thursday, July 30, 2009

Undead Rules

Fighting the undead can be a real difficulty for conventional troops. In my rules set, once the target is hit, we have to determine the location of the hit on the target body. Roll a six sided die and then check the number.

1 head
2 shoulders
3 chest
4 stomach
5 thigh
6 leg

When fighting the undead, zombies are only killed if you destroy the brain, so only a hit on the "one" location would result in a kill.

As for other members of the undead, only a blessed silver bullet through the heart will kill a vampire. So only a hit in the 3 chest location will kill one. Of course, not every soldier typically carries blessed silver bullets, so they would need to be a special unit or be well prepared.

The undead zombies don't move very fast, so they are limited in their movement to walk, 5 inches per turn in my rules. Zombies don't use any weapons, and melee as regular humans, but due to their slow movements take damage out of sequence. Damage to a zombie in melee takes effect immediately and the human does not take damage if he wins the melee.

Vampires are able to move as regular humans, 5 inches to walk or 10 inches to run or even fly if they turn into a bat. Bats fly 15 inches per turn. It takes one turn stationary without fighting to turn into a bat or back into a human. Vampires naturally can use any weapons humans can use and also can immobilize one human with fear if they are within five inches of them. Of course, vampires only go out at night and must be asleep in their tombs in the daylight.

The undead can add a bit of interest to any historical scenario. Soldiers often tell stories of the supernatural happening on the battlefield, and at night imaginations can be very fertile.

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