Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Hit

The remote cannons are a battery of four guns. They only require the actions of the loader and the fire direction vehicle to launch an attack. Sitting in the middle of the street this gun waits for the HK to come close enough to insure a good hit.

The commander directs the battle from the up front - front. He stands in the rubble of the second story of a building. His wife nearby keeps alert for close up attacks.

The second HK moves in, it's nose gun blasting away, troops hunkering down behind cover. The fire direction vehicle just waiting for the right moment.

The first HK is not at the rear, trying to limp back to base, flying at an odd angle. The mechanical man is draped over the bunker. The second HK is still plenty deadly and the humans could still lose this fight.

Destroyed guns, men, mechanical man and debris litter the scene as the second HK fires.

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