Saturday, July 18, 2009


At the Atomic Testing Base, it's payday. On payday, once a month, everyone lines up to sign their pay book and then gets their check. Then they line up a second time to get their money. With a large base like this, there is a lot of cash being handled. But with a murder on the base, not everyone is thinking about money. After they get there pay, many of the men wait around and the rumors fly.

I got it on good authority, that there was more than one man murdered, and they are covering it up to prevent a panic, that's what I heard.

I heard they don't have any suspects, none at all. They have no idea who did that terrible crime.

Rumors fly faster than jets or even rockets. My friend told me... My buddy said... I heard in the chow line... A guy I know works in HQ and he says the colonel says... Rumors everywhere.

Everyone has a theory. Everyone has an opinion. No one has a clue.

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