Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eagle Games & Tarzan

HaT sold many of the old Airfix 1/72nd scale figure sets, including the Tarzan set. It was a great set with The Man himself, hunters, natives, a boy, a chimp and other animals. The HaT version of the set was in a nice light tan color.

Many of the old Tarzan books were originally set in Victorian Colonial Africa and so the new HaT British Colonial figures are a natural companion for the Tarzan set.

The HaT Indian Army troops out on the savanna of Africa. The British had armies all over Africa and they can fight French, Dutch, Germans, Italians, native tribes, wild animals, go on safari and have all kinds of wargame and role playing adventures.

I took a few sets of each of the HaT sets and put them together in a "square" formation as they ready themselves for the defense against an unseen enemy. Tarzan, Jane, Boy and Cheeta are in the center of the square. Eagle Games British Colonial type figures are represented here too in red. I like to use them as engineers, as there are several with sticks and a heliograph set.

Enlarge this photo and see the "cartoon" version of it. I think these figures really work well together and I have some more photos planned.

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