Monday, July 27, 2009

Butcher Heads

My plan for the WWII German butchers is to convert the two figures on the right side into butchers. I will use heads from the Odemars pose on the left. That will give me two butchers with soft caps, the helmet seems too combat oriented for people preparing dinner for 800.
In my ruleset, a food preparation location can be used as a rally point for troops who are routing or retreating. Just as in real life, the WWII Germans realized that the troops gotta eat. And troops that have been in combat, and now are running away are going to be hungry. So you get a couple military police and a kitchen unit, set up a road block and feed everyone, then there are two reasons to rally. The carrot to eat and the police baton (stick) to hit you if you don't stay.
I will cut both heads off, and then replace them with the new heads. Drill a tiny hole in the headless torso where the neck will go. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, insert a tiny bit of wire, I use guitar string, in the head with about three or four mm sticking out the neck. Put a tiny drop of superglue on the wire. Then press the string into the hole in the torso. Instant head swap.

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