Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Army of Latveria

Dr. Doom is the Prince of the nation of Latveria.  As such he has a small army that protects his small nation.

I have been building up a few troops for that army.

This cannon is from Eagle Games, but I have replaced the wooden wagon wheels with rubber tires.

I converted it from a muzzle loader to a breech loader.

The troops are Napoleonic British and French from Emhar, Pegasus WWII Soviets from several sets.

Every figure has had his head cut off and replaced by one of the other figures.  The French got British or Russian heads, the British got French and Russian heads, and the Russians got British and French heads.  A very small number of the Russians kept helmets and there are a few other figures tossed into the mix.

Hello to my readers in Russia!  Welcome to Bunker Talk.

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