Sunday, August 13, 2017

Vietnam War Era Jeeps

Known locally as the "Jeep Guys" these are Vietnam War reinactors.

They operate and maintain an excellent collection of Vietnam War era Jeeps.

They are all in driving condition.  They range from gloss to flat finishes.

Most are M151 series, but some are older Jeeps.

They also show various military insignia.

Radios, flags...

And a host of uniforms, small arms, and vehicle gear...

An impressive sight seeing them all together.


Bob G. said...

Nothing like seeing a bunch of "mutts" parked and on display.
The M-151 was a good vehicle, as long as you didn't try to emulate what the original CJs would do.
Those "live" axles would roll those buggers over quick as look at you.
I read somewhere that they actually BANNED civilian use of them because of that.
Nice to see them again.

Now, if they only have some "mules" to go with them.

Great photos.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Just don't make any sharp turns and it will go anywhere.