Friday, August 11, 2017

Museum of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces

Recently MRS Bunkermeister and I visited the the Museum of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.

A small museum, but very well done.  They have a nice Facebook page.

Nice collection of field gear.

Nice open display.

I spoke to one of the docents and he said their large collection of ships models were donated by several ARVN veterans who built them.

Most of these are American ships that were transferred to South Vietnam.

The models are excellent.

Most seem about 1/72 to 1/100 scale.

Despite being behind glass they photographed well.

Hot Wheels M113, Australian Fire Support Vehicle in HO scale.

Welcome to all those veterans of the Vietnam War who fought for freedom and democracy.


Bob G. said...

Mike any background on WHO built these great-looking models?

That person did a wonderful job.
Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

I was told the models were built by several local people who likely served in the South Vietnamese Armed Forces.