Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Victory Column

The monument is mostly red marble, it looks very brown in real life.

Then there is a center column and it has captured cannon barrels affixed around it in several rows.

There are carvings along the sides showing German combat in the 19th Century.

I downloaded and cut out some pictures and glued them to the sides, then I sliced some figures in half and used them for more 3D effect.  1/72nd scale Marx copies, made in Hong Kong by Giant.

Masonite hardboard is the main material.


Ernie said...

It is a column that originally was meant to celebrate the defeat of the danes in 1864. When it was finished however, the Germans had also beaten the Austrians and the French, so not to have columns all over the city, they made this one represent those victories too.

Mike Creek said...

Hi Earnie. Thanks for reading. And thanks for the information on the Victory Column.