Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lido Reborn 

BMC have the molds for the old Lido figures.  These are about 60mm size and just as good as the ones made 40 or more years ago.

Standing solder firing a pistol, prone rifleman with a telescopic sight, man at the ready with bayonet.  Man standing firing a grease gun, a pose seldom seen in any scale.

Standing firing rifleman and several other standing rifleman poses.  A grenade thrower and a man with a pistol waving his troops forward.  Each of these were released by several companies over the years as Lido sold figures to breakfast cereal companies as premiums, and similar figures appeared from other companies.

The trademark on these guys is the engraved netting on their helmets and the lack of bases.  But as you can see they stand up just fine on a smooth level surface.  They also work well in the grass or in the dirt or even riding in vehicles.  One of my favorites.

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