Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trees and DVDs

My wife and I recently watched the move "Mystery Men."  It is one of the worst movies we ever say.  It was so bad that we agreed to remove it from the movie collection.  Considering we have only done that three times in seven years and have a movie collection of 2,000 movies and TV episodes, it's quite the honor.  First, I primer spray paint the back of the disk.

Then I primer painted the front of the disk, coverage does not have to be full, just a reasonable light coverage.  The only line in the movie that was any good is when one of the characters says he is invisible, unless someone is looking at him.

Plant one tree from the train show in the center and another beside it.

I use the cheap $1 flat spray paint from Wal-Mart as my primer.  Later, I will flock the base, but I am considering adding more plant coverage.


ccm2361 said...

Great idea!

Mike Creek said...

Because you don't like Mystery Men either?