Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Storage

I use drawer lining material cut into small strips to hold the corduroy cloth in place.

Usually it runs the length of the box but only about 1/4 of the width.  It's really cheap, I get mine at Dollar Tree, one roll will do a half dozen boxes or more.

Then I line the box with corduroy cloth from the fabric store.  I use a cloth with deep ridges and run them length ways so the vehicles don't roll back and forth on their wheels.

Vehicles are then parked side by side inside the box.  They don't slide much and they look good.

I usually use green or tan for US vehicles, and red for Russian, dark brown for German and light blue for aircraft and dark blue for ships.  No reason for the colors particularly but I think it helps a bit with the recognition of each box.

About 100 vehicles and guns parked in a single box.

Each box also gets one of these little plastic boxes.  If a piece fall off, I put it in here for proper repair later.  It helps to keep broken parts from getting lost.

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