Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harry Potter and the Siegfried Line

The original exterior of the castle was this same color, but the windows were purple.  I repainted them a fire engine red for several reasons.  I think the red is much more sinister, the color looks like the Nazi flag so it goes well with the flags and banners, and it is the Red Skull Castle so it seemed a natural.

I did touch up some of the brickwork, the brown color between the bricks was missing in many places.  The brite work on the various domes I repainted gold, they were originally more of a brass color.  The base was dark gray with an overspray of green for plants.  The overspray was not very good so I repainted it all flat white as a primer and then did four progressively lighter gray dry brushings.

There are two dungeon rooms that swing out on each side.  The brass colored door swings like a hidden doorway.  My thought is that it is a matter transporter that takes you to the upper level room that has a similar door in the room.

The Red Skull himself.  He is a Caesar Miniatures WWII German figure with a skull head from a Caesar Miniatures Undead skeleton figure.  They are mounted on a Battle Dice base that I have re-marked as Red Skull.

The other figure is Preiser, drafted from my box of civilian figures.

I wanted a bit of a comic book look to the figures, so they are all painted to generally match the Red Skull uniform.  It's a metallic blue from Tamiya and a light grey trousers with black shoes.  I based them on a bit of sheet styrene with a floor tile pattern stuck on top to match many of the floors in the castle.


Sam Wise said...

I follow this story since the beginning : again an amazing idea !

I like the Red Skull and the comic style, perfect with the castle.

Mike Creek said...

Well if Sam Wise says it was a good idea, then it was a good idea!

Thanks Sam.