Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harry Potter and the Eastern Front

For anti-aircraft protection I added two 20mm cannons to the upper front area.  These are Roco Minitanks guns.  I took a quad gun and cut out two individual guns from the upper pair of guns.  Then I added a mount to the bottom of the gun.  Next, I drilled a hole into the corner of the castle wall.  The machine guns can be removed and remounted at will.

This castle project is actually part of my Super Heroes & Super Villains project.  This is no longer Hogwarts, but Roten Schadel Schloss.  Red Skull Castle, every WWII era movie and comic book showing a Nazi headquarters always shows lots of flags and I wanted to create that look.

The banners and flag are printed on paper and cut out.  Wiki is a good place for flags, they have a large selection and usually don't mind you downloading them for personal use for free.  I manipulate them in Paint and then save them as Microsoft Word documents.  I find Word easier to modify the sizes I like.

I flip the image to create the flag on the pole.  I leave a little white space between the two flag sides so there is space for the flagpole.  The flags are printed on regular paper, then cut out.  On real German flags the swastika is normally like the one shown in the photo above, with opening is at the lower left.  However, the other side of the flag may be reversed or identical, both are correct depending on how the real flag was made.

I went with the reversed flag design.  The once the flag is cut out, I coat the back with Scotch Restickable Glue Stick glue, cat. 6307.  It is Post-It Note glue in a stick form.  It's perfect for flags because you can reposition the sides easily and even take the flag off and replace it with another one at will and not damage the old flag.  The two vertical banners are trimmed down flags, with a little Scotch Restickable Glue on the back to hold them in place.

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